The concept

At Intentionwave, our mission is to

"Provide thoughtful ways to celebrate and share the love for the people that mean the most to us."

Because love is one of the rare things that doubles when shared.

But it's not always easy to express the emotions we feel for others...

It's one of the reasons why jewelry has been used for thousands of years - as ways to symbolize something precious to us. A way to encapsulate meaning into a precious object.

At Intentionwave, we bring innovation in this age-old industry by making truly personalmeaningful jewelry.

You see, every single one of our jewelry pieces contain something rarer than the finest rubies and more precious than the purest gold - it contains the unique soundwave frequency of a moment, memory or message that is dear to you.

It encapsulates what it truly means to be human, what is beyond this world - the loving relationships that bind us together.

In a sense, there is no better way to express the depth and subtlety of an emotion.

That way, together, we can build a world in which we take the time to express, share & voice the love we have for each other. Because it's all that matters.

How does it work?

Once you've chosen the details about your jewel like material, size, etc... simply click on "Create My Soundwave". 

You can upload a desired audio or record it on the spot.

When you're done, a green checkmark will appear - that means you're all set!

You can click the «Save» button to keep a copy of your recording in case something goes wrong and re-upload it later.

Then, simply click on "Add to Cart" and follow the usual steps.

And... Yes, you can listen back to your recorded sound whenever you want!

The moment you receive your jewel, you (or your loved one) will be able to play the Soundwave back by scanning a special QR code card that comes with your box.


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