Meaning & Intention

Meaning & intention. We often forget the importance of these simple yet powerful words. They are at the core of everything we do. They drive us, inspire us and guide us. We, as human beings, are different from other kinds of living species. We can think, feel and imagine. Therefore, we are conditioned to seek meaning in our lives. 
At intentionwave, we believe that whatever is meaningful to you right now, it matters. It matters and it deserves to be thinked about and felt every single day. That’s why IntentionWave allows you to infuse your jewelry with a sound that is meaningful to you using the soundwave engraving technology. Your meaningful sound can represent a vision of the future, a memory of the past, a person you love, a goal you want to achieve, a philosophy, or anything that makes you feel grateful to be alive.
Whatever it is, find a sound that sparks something within you and that represents your intention or meaning. Have fun honoring the meaning & intention of your life.